Our location

Casa de Sequiade enjoys a privileged location, strategically situated between some of the most beautiful landscapes and important points of interest in the northern region of Portugal.

Just 23 kilometers away are the stunning beaches of the Atlantic coastline. With a vast and diverse coastline, these beaches offer a peaceful haven for lovers of the sun and the sea, as well as providing opportunities for practicing various water sports.

The city of Braga, known as the heart of Minho, is just 12 kilometers away. Braga is a city rich in history and culture, with impressive monuments such as the Cathedral and the Bom Jesus do Monte Sanctuary, as well as a vibrant urban life with charming squares and a unique gastronomy.

The city of Barcelos, famous for its handicrafts and the legendary Barcelos Fair, is just 8 kilometers away from Casa de Sequiade. This picturesque town offers visitors the chance to explore its rich cultural heritage and enjoy the lively atmosphere of its markets and festivals.

And just 50 kilometers away is the city of Porto, one of Portugal's most charming cities. With its stunning architecture, rich history and delicious cuisine, Porto is a must-see destination for anyone visiting the northern region of the country.

Thus, Casa de Sequiade offers its guests the opportunity to explore a variety of landscapes and unique experiences, from paradisiacal beaches to historic cities, providing an unforgettable stay in the beautiful northern region of Portugal.

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